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A Day With B.I.G. (Outtro) - J. Period* & G. Brown* - March 9 (B.I.G. Remix Collection) (CD)

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8 thoughts on “ A Day With B.I.G. (Outtro) - J. Period* & G. Brown* - March 9 (B.I.G. Remix Collection) (CD)

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  2. march 9 (b.i.g. remixes) volume 1 Description Produced & remixed by mistradishoradedifflingdocvoiderti.xyzinfo and longtime collaborator DJ G. Brown, March 9 Volume 1 chronicles the dark side of Biggie's lyrical storytelling with a collection of gangster tales over sinister musical landscapes -- crime-saga tales in the spirit of Scarface, King of New York & Menace II Society.

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  4. Real N*ggaz Do Real Things Pt. 1 (March 9 Remix) Real N*ggaz Do Real Things Pt. 2 (March 9 Remix) Real N*ggaz Do Real Things Pt. 3 (March 9 Remix) What's Beef (March 9 Remix) Featuring – Mos Def: Things Done Changed Pt. 1 (March 9 Remix) Things Done Changed Pt. 2 (March 9 Remix) 10 Crack Commandments (March 9 Remix)

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