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What Happened To You

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  1. Sep 06,  · "What happened to you?" is common and accepted. "What has happened to you?" is cool, too. The first one is an informal wh-question. Something happened to you. What happened to you?:D Someone said it. Who said it?:D The only difference is the axiliary 'has' in the second one. It adds emphasis.:) Josh: Something happened to my face? Nomi: What.

  2. Lyrics to 'What Happened To You?' by Deftones. In the winds of your cape I've sailed with you From the shore to the gates We sway.

  3. Dec 08,  · We all know what happens when you don't drink enough water when you're lost the desert or floating out to sea on a lifeboat: slow, agonizing death. But you .

  4. Oct 31,  · "What happened to you?" - Offspring From the album Smash NOTE This is played in the usual punk kind of fashion so don't strum all the strings of the chords below. Mostly only the 3 strings l/5(14).

  5. Pictured: Joe Foderaro, LCSW, BCD, program director and co-founder of The Sanctuary Programs from From Sandra Bloom, M.D., The Sanctuary Model. We (the treatment team for Sanctuary) were in a team meeting sometime around on our inpatient unit, trying to describe the change that had happened to us in recognizing and responding to the issue of trauma, especially what has .

  6. Man you're really losin' it And you've really done a lot of junk now But you keep on abusin' it What in the world happened to you It's bad enough you do it to yourself But taking someone with you Well you know that's something else I say I'm not that kind of person I'm not that kind of man I try to explain but you just don't understand.

  7. Mar 28,  · “What happened to you?” The question became familiar to me as a child while the young, curious faces stared at my power wheelchair. I wanted so badly for my peers to see me as a “normal” kid, yet there was nothing I could do to mask my differences. I have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic condition caused by a mutation that affects muscle use.

  8. Apr 16,  · "Paula, I actually don't know what's happened to you, respectfully," Conway replied. "I don't know why you've changed, and you're in the briefing room screaming at Anthony Fauci and the president of the United States. I, frankly, think it's unbecoming.

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